Is it Spring Yet?

Is it Spring Yet? Is it Spring Yet?

Every year, around October or November, there comes a day when I realize I should have spent more time outside when it was warm and sunny out. However, around that time, the holiday season is upon us, so there are other things to think about.

I’ve always been an advocate of Christmas, and it doesn’t feel like Yuletide without a bit of cold and snow. However, around January 2nd, I realize that is has been cold and grey out just enough for one year, and I begin repeating the question to myself and anyone who will listen to me: “Why would anyone choose to live in the North?”

In any case, as I took this picture, I tried to appreciate the beauty of the sunset, but couldn’t help but think how much nicer it would have been if I wasn’t cold, and the sun was setting further north.

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