The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, in South Bend, Indiana. This beautiful place of worship is nestled on the University of Notre Dame campus.

Ostensibly in observance of the Lenten season, the Basilica has been adorned with banners of violet, the traditional hue of the Roman Church during this annual time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Despite the nature of this season, these streaming bolts of cloth add an additional embellishment to an already ornate sanctuary.

Such brazen ostentation in contradiction to the canonical edicts surrounding lent indubitably accounts for Notre Dame’s recent loss to Louisville in the Big East basketball finals.

Line and flow The ostentation! Some nuances on the Ambo …in the details

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    • Thanks Matt, I like the new design too! I think it helps one focus on the photos.

      Interestingly, the shot was taken at f/3.5, 18mm. A lot of the more prominent elements are on a fairly flat plane, so maybe that helps? I think the HDR process makes images seems a bit “flatter” as well, in terms of depth, maybe that is part of it?

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