Zatarra Zatarra – an old trunk of a tree washed ashore – View in Gallery

I’m very glad it is getting warmer out, at least some of the time, it was actually snowing earlier today. On a different day when it was warm out, I took a long walk on the beach and this old tree that had been washed ashore caught my eye. There is also a flock of birds in the background. From a distance they might be mistaken for seagulls, but they are actually Caspian Terns. I haven’t been able to get very close to them, they seem more reclusive than the more common Ring-billed Gull.⌉⌉

Caspian Tern in flight Ring-billed Gull
  1. Hydroprogne caspia []
  2. ⌉⌉ Larus delawarensis []

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  1. After looking at this photo a few times, I realized the depth of the photo is really good. You don’t see it at first because the composition draws you to look just at the trunk. Anyway, good work there’s a lot of depth here…

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