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The Chicago Theatre

The Chicago TheatreChicago

I had not been on a train before I decided to take the South Shore line from Indiana to downtown Chicago.

It is a great way to get right in the heart of the city without the mucky-muck of parking.

It’s pretty cheap too.

I had a list of buildings I wanted to photograph, but I also just meandered around the city. It was a few days after the Tower previously called Sears had some of it’s windows knocked out.

–Update November 16–

I’m an extremely humble person, it’s one of my many amazing qualities.

That means that when I’ve soiled the bed, I’ll step up and admit it. The photo above is over processed.

It doesn’t look good.

So I’ve decided to redo the photo. I give you, The Chicago Theatre (take II):

The Chicago Theatre (take II)The Chicago Theatre (take II) – View in Gallery

The Organ at Holy Name Cathedral

The Organ at Holy Name CathedralThe Organ at Holy Name Cathedral

One of my First Photos

I took this last summer when I was first getting into photography and it is still one of my favorites.

There is a lot of great detail on the ceiling, the organ itself is pretty cool, and the stained glass provides some color.

This scene is inside of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. It is a very imposing gothic style structure. While the inside is somewhat austere, and the altar isn’t noteworthy, I do think it is a beautiful church.

They certainly don’t build them this way anymore, which is a shame.

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Vaulted Ceiling The Organ Stained Glass
Vaulted Ceiling A Grand Instrument Stained Glass

Chicago Rooftops

I photographed this picture the night before the Chicago Marathon on 10-10-10. The building on the right is St. Alphonsus Church, just a few Kenyan strides away from where I was staying.

Chicago RooftopsChicago Rooftops