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Photo-Journey Complete!

I’ve returned from my 2,000 mile holiday-photo-journey. To be honest, from a photography perspective, it was somewhat disappointing. Between the rigorous schedule and mother nature, I wasn’t able to take many HDR landscape photos as I wanted to. The Holiday Hustle and Bustle can get the better of anyone! I was able to take some stock photos, which probably isn’t nearly as exciting, but it does provide a challenging type of photography. Hopefully everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Photo Journey Day 10: Saint Louis

Well my time in St. Louis didn’t provide any post-worthy HDR photos, due to both the weather and the holiday-schedule. I did however, uncover an ancient Chinese woodcarving. By ancient I mean 25 years old. I managed to take a photograph of this rare find.

Chinese Warrior CarvingChinese Warrior Carving



Day 7 of the Photo-Journey: Christmas Eve

I’m yet to find a more beautiful Christmas tree, than the Frasier Fir. Here you can see one properly decorated in the neo-germanic style, complete with a traditional nativity scene depicting the birth of Christ. This was taken on Day six of my 2,000 mile Photo-Journey, two days before Christmas.

Christmas EveChristmas Eve