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Drawbridge at Midnight

Drawbridge at MidnightDrawbridge at Midnight

None Shall Pass!

Stark, austere, industrial. This black and white photo of the St. Joseph bridge reminds me of a vintage 1950s picture.

I took this in the fall of 2010.

I don’t really remember how I got this photo without a ship in the shot as well. Normally they lower the bridge pretty quickly to avoid further disruptions to traffic flow, however since this was later at night, maybe the bridge operator was a bit slower at the switch.

This was of course originally taken in colour, but I thought that the black and white version provided a better feel.

Shades of Gray

One of my connections on twitter gave me some good feedback on my Drawbridge photo. I asked her if she wanted to see the colour version, and she said she did. So in addition to the “original” black and white version, I’ve added a colour version, and a sepia version.

Which do you like best?

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Drawbridge at Midnight (Sepia)Drawbridge at Midnight (Black & White)Drawbridge at Midnight (Color)

Why is the Golden Gate Bridge Orange?

Gate at DuskGate at Dusk

Good question. Seems like they should either paint the bridge gold, or call it the Orange Gate Bridge.

But maybe not.

As it turns out, the “Golden Gate” refers to the straight of water between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

So the bridge spanning this straight would logically be called the Golden Gate Bridge.

Okay, well why is the straight called the Golden Gate?

One story purports that explorer John C. Frémont wrote in his memoirs, “To this Gate I gave the name of “Chrysopylae”, or “Golden Gate”; for the same reasons that the harbor of Byzantium was called Chrysoceras, or Golden Horn.”

If you ask me that is lame.

Some people say that it is called the Golden Gate because of the San Francisco gold rush, however, the straight was called the Golden Gate before the gold rush took place, so that story doesn’t work either.

I like to think it is called the Golden Gate Bridge because the bridge forms a gateway to beautiful golden sunsets.

I took this shot on a recent trip; I like the silhouette of the bridge and hills with the sunset backdrop.

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Harbor Shores Golf Course

Road of Opportunity Road of Opportunity

I took this last spring when I was first getting into HDR photography. This view is part of Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Which features an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus signature golf course.

It is a beautiful (and I’m told challenging) course that I actually drive past it every day on the way to work.

The Harbor Shores development has been great for Benton Harbor. A few of the great benefits:

  • Jean Klock park maintained
  • More tax revenue for the city of Benton Harbor
  • Job creation
  • Increased property values

The 2012 and 2014 Senior PGA championships will be played there too.

Harbor Shores also does community outreach including the “First Tee” program, which uses the game of golf to mentor young people.

Last year, a fundraiser to commemorate the initial opening of the course brought in over $1 million dollars for the Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor and The First Tee of Benton Harbor.

I was actually out on the walking paths today, and ended up talking to a nice gentleman who works for Harbor Shores, which inspired me to post this photo.