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Altgeld Hall at Night

Altgeld Hall at Night Altgeld Hall at Night

Altgeld Hall – University of Illinois

I think buildings, particularly when properly lit up, are more appealing and mysterious at night.

You walk around a campus or city during the day, and everything is just kinda there.

Out in the open.

Plain and boring.

Come back at night, and it’s a different place, shrouded in secrecy and intrigue.

The imagination is more at liberty to envision conspiracy, hidden plots and subterfuge.

That’s how my mind wanders anyway.

I’ve heard there are tunnels connecting most of the buildings on the University of Illinois campus. I’ve dreamed of exploring them ever since I heard about these subterranean passages, so if anyone has the means of providing a tour, I would jump at the chance!

The Docks

The DocksThe River Docks