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Drawbridge at Midnight

Drawbridge at MidnightDrawbridge at Midnight

None Shall Pass!

Stark, austere, industrial. This black and white photo of the St. Joseph bridge reminds me of a vintage 1950s picture.

I took this in the fall of 2010.

I don’t really remember how I got this photo without a ship in the shot as well. Normally they lower the bridge pretty quickly to avoid further disruptions to traffic flow, however since this was later at night, maybe the bridge operator was a bit slower at the switch.

This was of course originally taken in colour, but I thought that the black and white version provided a better feel.

Shades of Gray

One of my connections on twitter gave me some good feedback on my Drawbridge photo. I asked her if she wanted to see the colour version, and she said she did. So in addition to the “original” black and white version, I’ve added a colour version, and a sepia version.

Which do you like best?

Let me know in the comments section!

Drawbridge at Midnight (Sepia)Drawbridge at Midnight (Black & White)Drawbridge at Midnight (Color)

The Sangamon

Here is the picture I took before the video below was shot. I captured this photo using a Nikon D90 and an 18-200mm lens on Day Three of my 2,000 mile photo-adventure. It was taken in a small Illinois town called Mahomet. The town was supposedly named after a Masonic Lodge, which was in turn named after the prophet of the same name.

The SangamonThe Sangamon

The Docks

The DocksThe River Docks