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Double Sunset

Double SunsetDouble Sunset

Photo of Opportunity

I look around for new shots whenever I go for a walk, visit a place or drive around.

I pulled off the interstate to explore an abandoned barn–more on that in a previous post–and ended up finding a great opportunity with the sunset over this farm pond.

I just need a mountain and I’d be set. I don’t think Illinois will oblige me though.

One of the basic formulas of photography goes like this:

Sunset + Water = Good Photo

Another formula, that builds on the above:

Sunset + Water + Mountain = Great Photo

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God’s Paintbrush

God's PaintbrushGod’s Paintbrush

A great subject for photographs

I greatly enjoy photographing beautiful sunsets. The photos almost take themselves.


The Best time for Sunsets

This was taken 10-15 minutes after the sun dipped below the horizon. The best time to take sunset photos is after the sun has already set. Similarly, for sunrises, before the sun is above the horizon.

It’s also key to have intermittent clouds. Clouds provide structure to the sky and give the sunlight something off which to bounce.


The clouds almost look like streaks of paint, and so I imagined this tree as an enormous paintbrush with which to paint the sky. I really like the colours.

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Catamaran at Dusk

And the sea will grant each man new hope . . . his sleep brings dreams of home.

– Christopher Columbus
Catamaran at DuskCatamaran at Dusk

Learning to Sail

There is something very romantic about sailing. The graceful lines of the boat, the subtle murmur of the wake, man and nature in harmony. I had the good fortune of taking a cat-rigged scow out on a Northern Michigan lake a few weeks past.

It was great fun!

This photo is of a catamaran, not the boat I sailed, but beautiful nonetheless, the only question is, who would name a sailboat “Frantic”?