Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

It’s been long time since I’ve posted here and I want to share a new project to which I’ve been a contributor. A website that gives away free Adobe Lightroom presets.

You can check it out over at provides high quality free Adobe Lightroom Presets. I’ve recently created a preset called Prohibition that I’m very proud of. It evokes what I think is a 1920s style vintage photo that is reminiscent of Downton Abbey, the Great Gatsby and bootleggers. It drops the color without become a pure black and white and adds some grain that in my opinion really takes photos to a different level.

I’ll also be working on a pseudo-HDR type preset at some point in the future although of course there is no substitute for taking 3 photos with 3 different exposures but this isn’t always possible if an area doesn’t allow tripods or you don’t have one with you.

I’ve also created a free Lightroom preset that works well for portraits called Portraiture I. It highlights detail, makes shadows rise and bestows extra punch upon images. It is greats for portraits and works with a variety of camera brands and lighting situations. I really like how it turned out.

free lightroom preset

I think the photo on the right has a lot more character, the beard looks more detailed and the eye color is more vibrant in a subtle yet powerful way. Of course it helps when you start off with a great photo to begin with!

If you like great photos or you’re a photographer I highly suggest checking out Adobe Lightroom is a great way to enhance your photos and presets allows you to quickly switch between different looks. Of course not every preset works great with every photo, so these free presets are fully adjustable.