Snout of the Hippo

Snout of the HippoSnout of the Hippo

St. Louis Zoo

I went to the St. Louis Zoo over the weekend. It is a fun place with free admission. I took a number of pictures there which I’ll be posting over the next few weeks/months.

This first one was taken of an underwater hippopotamus. There were 4 or so of them all clustered together sleeping. They would raise their large heads up out of the water to breath through their nostrils every so often.

I snapped a few pictures while this one was breathing.

In order to get this shot of the hippo underwater, I hopped the paddock fence and jumped in the pond.

Just kidding!

That would be very dangerous, and even worse, ruin my camera. Don’t do it!

It isn’t even necessary.

There are windowed observation decks below the waterline so you can look at the submerged hippos from a safe and dry location. I highly recommend a visit to the St. Louis Zoo, especially if you have kids!

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