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Pontiac Trans Am

Pontiac Trans AmPontiac Trans Am

I did a Trans Am Photo shoot that I wanted to share. Not all of them are HDR, but many are. The Pontiac belongs to a friend of mine. This car looks fast standing still.

The shoot was at the now decommissioned Chanute Airforce base. A lot of the buildings have been torn down but this hangar is still there.

HDR Spotting Invite Code Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo to the HDR Spotting Invite Code Challenge: Christmas Edition!

The winners are:

Power Station from Chelsea Bridge

Mark Colliton - "Power Station from Chelsea Bridge"

Oxtonge Lake Sunrise Web

David Crombie - "Oxtonge Lake Sunrise Web"

Thomas Payer - "Maule on the Float Pond"

Andrew Duncan with “Searchlights Over Auckland

I’ve emailed the winners with their invite code and I look forward to seeing their work over at!

Macro, pseudo HDR, Bee



This photo was taken with a macro lens. A macro lens is designed to take pictures of small objects close up. You’d need a linguist to tell you why it isn’t called a micro-lens.

This photo is a pseudo-HDR, rather than combining three separate images, I just tonemap one image. You don’t get as much dynamic range, but in full sun, that doesn’t really matter.

There were also humming birds around. However, they eluded me for the most part and I didn’t get any good pictures of nature’s helicopter.

So while I wanted to get a picture of both the birds and the bees. I had to settle with the bees.

Oh well, the hummingbirds will be back next year.


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