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The Winter that Wouldn’t End (but did)

Ice and Snow

In Illinois (and other places too), this has been a tough winter, in fact the 9th coldest on record. Besides the cold, there has been a lot of snow and ice as well.

But you don’t need some government climate report to tell you its bad when there is snow on the ground, then the river floods, then the river freezes, and then the river goes back down and freezes again. This is what I’ve tried to capture with the photo above.

Fortunately, despite getting a brief snow dusting 14 April, I think spring might be sneaking it’s way in.



I was feeling rather melancholic as I took this photo–which I think comes through in the frame.

I’ll be visiting Colorado soon, it is one of my favorite places to take photos, and where I got started with some of my first HDR shots! Expect to see some montagnias here in the near future!

Plus five points to the person who can identify where this was taken (it is in Illinois, I’m looking for a specific location).

As Young as Springtime

As Young as Springtime

There is a beautiful wooded area not far from where I live. For a few weeks in the spring the undergrowth is dominated by beautiful blue flowers. I try to go for a walk through this sea of azure when they are blooming every year.

This year I took the ‘ole camera with me. I find it challenging to photograph the woods, and this shot might not have enough of a focal point.

It leaves the door open for improvement!

I do like how the tree trunks to the left and right of the image frame the shot, and the sun.


Don’t forget, if you want to learn to take HDR photos like this, I have a free HDR tutorial.