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Beach Cruiser

Beach CruiserBeach Cruiser

I Wish it was Summer Every Day

I drive a 2002 Buick Le Sabre, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a sweet ride.

I took this over the weekend at Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan.

The tourists (a lot of them from…Illinois) have been invading St. Joseph and the onslaught is growing.

They (these….tourists) do such absurd things such as swim at our beaches, rent our summer homes, and bring money into our community. It’s no wonder we locals don’t like them.

Anyways, there is a carousel down by the beach in St. Joseph, and this car was parked outside, probably advertising some sort of event or product, I never really checked. I think it’s pretty cool; HDR really picks up a lot of the nice subtleties in automobiles.



A beautiful sunset over the serene Lake Michigan

I captured this Lake Michigan sunset just a few weeks ago on my way home from work.

The lake can be very peaceful and restorative, particularly on a summer evening.

There are a number of “commercialized” beaches in St. Joseph, this one is a bit more off the beaten path, and as a result, entirely empty a lot of the time, particularly on a weekday.

Enjoy! As always, I’d love to see what you think in the comments section!

During the winter, I actually took this photo on the same beach, probably less than 50 feet away.

And remember! If you are an HDR photographer, be sure to take a look at the HDR Spotting Invite Code Challenge: June Edition here. Less than a week left before the winner is announced!


Zatarra Zatarra – an old trunk of a tree washed ashore – View in Gallery

I’m very glad it is getting warmer out, at least some of the time, it was actually snowing earlier today. On a different day when it was warm out, I took a long walk on the beach and this old tree that had been washed ashore caught my eye. There is also a flock of birds in the background. From a distance they might be mistaken for seagulls, but they are actually Caspian Terns. I haven’t been able to get very close to them, they seem more reclusive than the more common Ring-billed Gull.⌉⌉

Caspian Tern in flight Ring-billed Gull
  1. Hydroprogne caspia []
  2. ⌉⌉ Larus delawarensis []