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St. Patrick’s in Decatur

St. Patrick's in DecaturSt. Patrick’s in Decatur

Finding Subjects to Photograph

One challenge I face as a photographer is finding interesting subject matter.

If you go to Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, or other “tourist” type destinations, there are by definition, lots of interesting things to see and photograph around every turn.

Some photographers have a genuine talent for turning the ordinary into a work of art. I’m continually amazed by the photographs that some street photographers can create.

So that’s something I strive for, at the same time I try to look for those “hidden gems”. I think that this Church in Decatur, Illinois, the “Soy Capital” is an example of a beautiful building amidst the industrial-agricultural machine of Decatur.

In the processing of this shot, I’m also experimenting with a lomophotography-esque look.

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The Cathedral of Saint Louis

The Cathedral of Saint LouisThe Cathedral of Saint Louis

St. Louis

I have a lot of good memories in this town. There is a part of me that still gets giddy like a little kid when I drive down I-64 through the City.

If you’ve taken 64 into St. Louis, you may have noticed a large green dome to the West-Northwest.

It is the Cathedral of Saint Louis. It is very big and very beautiful with an absurd number of mosaics. I went there a few weekends back.

After mass a number of people stuck around to take pictures with mostly hand held point-and-shoot cameras. At most a small flash will basically do nothing to improve your photos in a large, relatively dim space. You really need a tripod.

The Cathedral of Saint Louis, as seen from I-64

I actually had one guy come up to me and ask if I was a photographer working at the church, kinda like those photographers at Disneyland I guess. I told him “no” but I took a picture of him with his camera. I’m a nice guy like that.

The Organ at Holy Name Cathedral

The Organ at Holy Name CathedralThe Organ at Holy Name Cathedral

One of my First Photos

I took this last summer when I was first getting into photography and it is still one of my favorites.

There is a lot of great detail on the ceiling, the organ itself is pretty cool, and the stained glass provides some color.

This scene is inside of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. It is a very imposing gothic style structure. While the inside is somewhat austere, and the altar isn’t noteworthy, I do think it is a beautiful church.

They certainly don’t build them this way anymore, which is a shame.

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Vaulted Ceiling The Organ Stained Glass
Vaulted Ceiling A Grand Instrument Stained Glass