HDR Spotting Invite Code

Christmas Tree

The 2011 Christmas Edition has concluded! Winners are announced! Click here.

Check back for more Invite Code Challenges in the Future!

I am giving away three hdrspotting.com invite codes. These codes allow you to submit photos to HDR Spotting, which is invite only. You can’t join without the code!

HDR Spotting is a great way to promote your HDR photos.

How do you get a code?

Just post a link to your best High Dynamic Range photo in the comments section below.

I’ll be announcing the winner after Christmas.

The three best photos submitted win an hdr spotting invite code!


18 comments on “HDR Spotting Invite Code

  1. I guess I miss read this…I thought since this was the Christmas Edition, that the HDR had to have a Christmas theme. I guess not??

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